Monthly Archives: January 2014


Cry myself to sleep tonight.

She called me a liar, she did.

I read a book, with one subject left.

She called me a deceiver.

I said I was sorry, and I meant it.

I won’t do it again, and I mean it.

Cry myself to sleep tonight.




Those people.

The ones you see everyday, in bad shape.

Times are rough. 

Just Smile.

You may think your life is bad.

Think of the others.

Just think.

All those good things.

All those people.

All that fighting.

Just remember to smile. Cause life is good! 🙂




The snow flakes float down like a unwanted guest,

like the Three Stooges in a political meeting, 

like Cotton Candy in a Vegans house.

But to some snow is the unknown

like they are in another dimension,

a dimension where love is easy,

and there are second chances.

Those people are crazy.