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Courage comes in many different ways. Courage can be asking someone out to Hang gliding in Rio. But this story is about a different, much harder kind of courage. Fighting Cancer. This courage makes you except death. Which may seem easy but it is much harder than it is let on to be. If I had cancer I would be crying everyday, wasting those precious days I had left. When, instead, I should have been doing the things I’ve always wanted to do.  When you see people with cancer you feel bad but you never really think about how much they’ve gone though, about how how courage they have. They go to bed not knowing if they will wake up, but they go there smiling because they have lived another day. I wish I could have half a much courage as they do. I think I am being courageous when I ride a roller coaster, but to them that is about as courageous as swatting a fly.


Dancingone ❤



Sneeze. Cough. Head rub.

Oh I hate being sick.

Just listen to the clock tick.

When will this be over?

Sneeze. Cough. Head rub.

please pain, just stop.

try to silence the pain with a swap.

Please end. Please end.

Sneeze. Cough. Head rub.

Just Stop!! 


The engine roars to life, as he presses on the gas pedal.  He looks out his window at the other drivers. The horn blares. The race has begun.

He stomps on the pedal, and he’s out of there. As he flies across the race track, he sees out of his mirror, the black cars chasing him. One car was right at his tail, if it just turned a little bit than he would be flying threw the air and crashing into the mountains. That of course is what happened. While he flew threw the air, he knew he probably wouldn’t come out alive. He wouldn’t see his family again. He crashed into the wall with such force, that as later people said ” You couldn’t tell it was even still a car.”

I look over at the clock from my brother playing a video game. ” Time for dinner,”  I say.