Courage comes in many different ways. Courage can be asking someone out to Hang gliding in Rio. But this story is about a different, much harder kind of courage. Fighting Cancer. This courage makes you except death. Which may seem easy but it is much harder than it is let on to be. If I had cancer I would be crying everyday, wasting those precious days I had left. When, instead, I should have been doing the things I’ve always wanted to do.  When you see people with cancer you feel bad but you never really think about how much they’ve gone though, about how how courage they have. They go to bed not knowing if they will wake up, but they go there smiling because they have lived another day. I wish I could have half a much courage as they do. I think I am being courageous when I ride a roller coaster, but to them that is about as courageous as swatting a fly.


Dancingone ❤


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