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The book sacrifice tag!

The book sacrifice tag is that I’m going to be telling all you lovely people which books I personally didn’t enjoy. Don’t hate me if you liked some of these. I’m glad you enjoyed them! So let’s get this baby on the road!

Okay so the first scenario is ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.  So let’s say you’re walking through an aisle and then BAM! Zombie Apocalypse! Like the full on dead people coming to eat you. Then a voice crackles through the speakers saying that the only way to defeat the zombies is to find an over hyped book. For this I’m gonna go with……. wait for itttttttttt………. Matched by Allie Condie. I think this book was way too hyped, and it was pretty dumb. I only made it through half the second book, and definitely don’t plan on finishing the series.

Okay second scenario! So you’re at the salon and you just got this super cute haircut. You walk outside and BAM! Torrential Downpour! The only way to save you’re hair is to sacrifice a sequel and use it as an umbrella. Which one will I choose? Hmmm……. Torment by Lauren Kate! The first book was okay, but as the story went on there was almost no character development.  Both Daniel and Luce were annoying. They were just instantly in love! I mean I get that he is, but she hasn’t met him in this life! You don’t just instantly fall in love with someone just because he’s attractive!

So third scenario is that you’re in the library and BAM! Global warming strikes! Outside becomes a frozen wasteland. You’re in the library and you’re only hope of survival is to burn a book… Which would be the first book I run to and which book would be the last one i’d run to? First book would be…….. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan! They are so freaking dumb!! What are they doing with their lives?!?! I’ll tell you! Partying and making out with strangers. Ugh. This book made me so mad, as you can probably tell. We gonna let it burn, burn, burn.  Second book that I would never, ever, ever burn is… Whoo this is really hard! In my head it’s a fight between three books! Across the Universe, The mortal Instruments, and The Darkest Minds… I can’t choose a single book in TMI that i love the most, Or in Across the Universe, So I gotta choose The Darkest Minds. If I think about this too much I’m gonna think of other books that I love so I’m done!

So yeah that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this! You should do this tag, It’s actually fun!